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Join our mission to inspire the Deprived Scholars.  And help us Sponsor Creativity

ThinkersWeb Foundation is the country's first Youth Think Tank inspiring the young generation today towards constructive thinking.


Our Visions and Goals

Youth Think Tank

Establishing the South East Asia's largest Youth Think Tank

Access to Advanced Online Services

Ensure easier access to advanced internet services.

Scholars Counselling

Providing monetary, technical and logistic support to the young discriminated Scholars.

Empowering the Senior Citizens

Converting the aged people as powerful economic-tool for the society.

Architectural Revolution

Rebuilding the nation through smart and creative architectural concepts.

Starting a Research Culture

Developing a research friendly environment for the young scientists, in Bangladesh.

Entrepreneur Counselling

Providing monetary, technical and all sorts of logistic support for the young entrepreneur.

Competitive Education

Hunting new talents through variour competitions

Recent Success

ThinkersIT team has finished designing the country's first Online Research Network.

The project is aimed towards providing the young scientists, thinkers and inventor financial aid and all sorts of logistic support. This will ease the task of finding sponsors and agents for the potential young inventors, scientists and young minds.

The first public beta will be released soon and looks almost like the social networking giant Facebook.

The CEO of this mega project Shebly Sadiq Sheemul has explained the website as "a restricted Facebook for Bangladeshi Scientists".

The ThinkersResearch team has successfully finished designing an advanced irrigation technique.

"The device is totally automated with advanced automated sprinkler and seed sower", as explained by Shimul Shakib the Head of ThinkersResearch.

Although the project is far from mass production at this moment, but is certainly a milestone in the Bangladeshi youth research arena.

ThinkersSport is preparing to launch their first ever sports club, on a national level.

The Head of ThinkersSport, Khandakar Saadiqul Kader has declared the possibility of launching a Third Division Cricket team comprising of talented discriminated Cricketers.

We are always excited about exploring human potential...

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